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January Updates

on 24.01.2022

Happy New Year! Our January updates have arrived:

  • Bulk attachment/file downloads on all pages 
  • Notifications and a new notices page
  • Client/vendor initial balances: invoices and prepayments


Bulk file download

A much-needed and long-awaited feature is now completed. It’s possible to download SmartAccounts attachments in bulk! Files can be saved under each menu item – for example, all files saved under “Quotes” can be downloaded together, all files saved under “Purchase invoices” can be downloaded together, etc. Very convenient!

To save files, navigate to the desired page and click ‘More’ – ‘Download attachments’.

download attachments

Attachments will be compressed (zipped) into a folder and saved as client/vendor name_file name. If the document also has an accounting serial number, then the file will be named something like OA (purchase invoice)_Company name_Invoice number_file name.



Almost all of our notifications have now been conveniently gathered together on a new notices page. There you’ll find different types of notifications – e.g. messages about recurring invoices, updates, news, and much more. 

When new notifications arrive, the corresponding information will be displayed next to a bell-shaped icon on the menu bar with the number of new unread notifications.


With our new notices feature, you’ll always know what’s going on!


Notifications settings

It’s possible to choose what activities you’ll be informed about in “Settings” – “My user data”. Just check what you want to be notified about. 

nitification settings


Client/vendor initial balances

In our last update we changed the general logic of initial balances, making it clearer and easier, but this time we took a step forward and simplified entering client and vendor unpaid invoice and prepayment initial balances.

Client and vendor invoices

Client and vendor initial balances can now be entered conveniently with an XLS or CSV file. The file must be filled with necessary data (name, invoice number, date etc.) prior to upload. To download a file in the right format click ‘More’ – ‘Initial balances’ – ‘Export’ on the client or vendor page. The whole process is easy and intuitive.

When the file is filled out, upload it on the same page. It’s important to note that clients and vendors must exist in the system before importing the file.  

After uploading the file, click ‘Import’. Now the invoices will be saved automatically. Note that the data entered with the file does not create double balances in your General Ledger. 

initial balances


Client and vendor prepayments

In addition to unpaid invoices, clients and vendors can also have prepayments. That data can be entered into the same file or added manually through bank payments under ‘Payments’ – ‘Bank payments’ – ‘More’ – ‘Add prepayment initial balance’.

prepayment initial balance

The file of prepayments should contain client/vendor name, date, amount, currency, and exchange rate.


Other smaller updates:

    • Under ‘Settings’ – ‘Chart of accounts’ you’ll find a new filter option ‘Account type’. This option makes it easier to find the account you’re looking for. 
    • Users will receive a notification when their sales turnover nears the VAT number registration limit of 40000 EUR (sales turnover exceeds 36000 EUR).
    • All invoices, quotes, and sales orders have a wider item selection box on rows. Items with longer names are now more conveniently readable.
    • When recurring invoices are compiled, a new financial year is now automatically created if this financial year doesn’t already exist. This way the generation of recurring invoices at the turn of the year will go ahead without a hitch.


Have any questions or propositions? 

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