E-invoicing in SmartAccounts from 1st of July 2019

by SmartAccounts on 28.06.2019

From the 1st of July 2019 all the invoices going to Estonian public sector organizations must be in e-invoice format. We wanted to make this change as easy as we could to our users so we’ve added an option to send e-invoices through SmartAccounts for all of our users without the need to have a separate contract with an e-invoice provider. What’s even more – it might also be completely free for you. Read on to find out more.

SmartAccountsE-invoicing in SmartAccounts from 1st of July 2019

Activate sending e-invoices

by SmartAccounts on 28.06.2019

Starting from July 2019 all the invoices to Estonian public sector organizations must be in e-invoice format. That might sound like a problem but it’s not when you’re using SmartAccounts. We’ve made the option available to all of our users without the need for a separate contract with an e-invoice partner and it’s completely free or almost free to use. Here’s a guide on how to take advantage of this new feature.

SmartAccountsActivate sending e-invoices

New report – Annual report help

by SmartAccounts on 11.06.2019

We have some great news for you – a new and simple report to help you fill in the annual report and its notes has been released and it’s called ‘Annual report help’. You can find this new useful tool under ‘Reports’ – ‘Other Reports’ – ‘Other’.

SmartAccountsNew report – Annual report help

March Updates 2019

by SmartAccounts on 25.03.2019

Check out our latest updates:

  • Fixed assets can now be automatically depreciated
  • VAT on imports support is now built in
  • We now fill out TSD annex 2
  • You can now set credit limit to your clients
  • Financial reports can now be compiled for more than one object
  • Better overview of payment orders sent to bank
SmartAccountsMarch Updates 2019

VAT on imports

by SmartAccounts on 25.03.2019

A new VAT rate ‘VAT on imports’ has been added to the list of VAT rates. It should be used when paying VAT on importation on the basis of customs declaration to the customs agents.

SmartAccountsVAT on imports

February 2019 Updates

by SmartAccounts on 18.02.2019

Here’s a list of our updates in February:

  • Non-profits now have their own chart of accounts
  • Payments of invoices in foreign currencies just got a whole lot easier
  • You can now add general ledger entries in foreign currencies
SmartAccountsFebruary 2019 Updates

November Updates 2018

by SmartAccounts on 26.11.2018

Here’s a short list of our updates in November

  • New feature – emailing payroll slips to employees
  • Printing documents like sales invoices for example just got more convenient
  • New feature – save delivery addresses on purchase orders
  • We now show warehouse stock information on purchase orders, sales orders and offers as well
  • You can now have your general ledger report containing only accounts with entries in the selected period
  • We completely redesigned our connected services page so you can get a clear overview of services which can be connected to SmartAccounts and you can also activate some of the connections right there (including the API)
SmartAccountsNovember Updates 2018

August Updates 2018

by SmartAccounts on 27.08.2018

We hope you had a chance to enjoy this wonderful hot Estonian summer. Despite the nice weather our developers have still put together a really nice new version of SmartAccounts for you.

Here’s a list of the new cool features and improvements that came along with our latest update.

SmartAccountsAugust Updates 2018

February Updates 2018

by SmartAccounts on 28.02.2018

February Updates 2018

Our latest update contains two new awesome features and a couple of smaller additions.

Here´s a summary of SmartAccounts’s new features released in February:

  • Purchase orders
  • New report – Vacation Day Summary Report
  • Inactive items not shown in item list (Purchase/Sales – Items)
  • Possibility to divide the extra expense in purchase invoices by sum
  • New API feature – inactivate object.
SmartAccountsFebruary Updates 2018

WooCommerce plugin available!

by SmartAccounts on 08.02.2018

Do you have WooCommerce based online store and you are currently looking for an accounting software? Or are you already using SmartAccounts for your WooCommerce online store accounting?

We have some great news for you! New plugin for integrating your WooCommerce based online store with SmartAccounts online accounting software is now available!

Plugin and plugin description is available here.




SmartAccountsWooCommerce plugin available!

Changes of Tax-Free Income Beginning from January 2018

by SmartAccounts on 18.12.2017

From January 1st 2018 the overall tax-free amount (basic exemption) of 6000 euros per year or 500 euros per month will be applied on all types of income and the increased basic exemption on pension and compensation for accident at work are not applicable anymore.

The basic rules for 2018 are:

  • annual income up to 14 400 euros amounts to 6000 euros as annual basic exemption
  • if the worker’s annual income is between 14 400 euros to 25 200 euros, basic exemption decreases according to the following formula: 6000 – 6000 ÷ 10 800 × (income amount – 14 400)
  • if annual income is more than 25 200 euros, basic exemption is 0.


SmartAccountsChanges of Tax-Free Income Beginning from January 2018

October Updates 2017

by SmartAccounts on 01.11.2017

October Updates 2017

Here´s a summary of what we´ve lately released:

  • New reports: article sales summary report and article purchases summary report;
  • New features when sending emails from SmartAccounts;
  • The name of the file generated in SmartAccounts is now changeable;
  • Vacations and absences can now be copied;
  • Objects can be inactivated;
  • New API feature – adding and editing files;
  • Documents imported from Scoro software now create warehouse movements;
SmartAccountsOctober Updates 2017

May 2017 release

by SmartAccounts on 14.05.2017

Spring has finally arrived, and our development team has been hard at work.

Since updates are all automatic they are sometimes easily missed – here is a quick overview of our latest update.

With the May release we present you four new important features:

  • Preparation of the Financial Statements has been optimised –> Comparative Statements
  • Netting claim and credit invoice has just become much easier
  • Objects can now be shown on the SmartAccounts default invoice template
  • XML file for VD report on intra-community supply is now available

…and many more smaller functions that all make your accounting processes a bit easier.

SmartAccountsMay 2017 release