Our partners

If you need to hire an experienced accountant or you just need occasional assistance with your accounting, you are in the right place. Here’s a short list of our partners for you to choose from. You can contact the ones that seem best suited for your needs directly to get a quote.


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Ketlin Genergard

Tel +372 631 1118

1Office offers a full package of business services to foreign entrepreneurs in six European countries. Services starting from the set-up process of the enterprise and virtual office to accounting and legal consultations, provide the perfect opportunity to start, run and grow a business. Strong local knowledge in each country and international experience with clients from more than 70 countries help 1Office make enterpreneur’s life as easy as possible.

Klaar.me Services OÜ

ET | EN 

Liis Laanesaar

Tel +372 5883 6369
Veerenni 24, Tallinn

Klaar.me Services is a 100% paperless accounting service company. Cooperation and open communication is important for us. Our aim is to work with the client as a team and be their financial partner, not just a service provider. We hold time, both our client’s and our own, in high regard so we always try to achieve maximum efficiency. That’s why all the documents are transmitted electronically and the service fee is calculated according to the company’s operating volumes.


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Joosep Sõnajalg

Tel +372 5344 8241

The dynamic trio of Liisa, Tiiu and Joosep is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs with accounting and financial consulting. We assist our partners with creating budgets, financial management, organising HR documentation, and building performance management system with KPI-s. Our core strengths lie within production companies and financial management as we have long experience with different production companies. We are passionate to see behind the numbers to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Nordfinance OÜ


Martin Esinurm


Our second-generation family business has innovative specialists with higher education and professional certificates, and we share the best tax tips with our clients. Most of the clients are from construction and IT, and the share of investment accounting is growing the fastest. Our membership in paid groups provides clients with the best advice and quick access to Estonia’s top specialists in both tax disputes and real estate issues. We share tips to entrepreneurs on the website and to our mailing list subscribers. Check out our website and FB page facebook.com/nordfinance.ee.

Using the program is very convenient and logical. Additionally, the design is good looking. It is also worth mentioning the helpful user support, which also welcomes development proposals well. Our accounting clients like that they have access to all the data and that using the program to issue sales invoices, for example, does not require special training.

Mustonen OÜ


Dagmar Mustonen

Tel +372 5645 4443

I offer accounting and financial consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises for whom outsourcing makes more sense than hiring an accountant. In my work, I use SmartAccounts online accounting software, which allows my clients to access the economic indicators of their company and, if necessary, input data directly to their accounting wherever and whenever necessary. I consider professional education, long-term varied work experience in accounting and good knowledge in taxes and legislation to be my strengths.

Sinihobu Accountancy Office


Laura Sults

Tel +372 5345 8293

Sinihobu accountancy office started operations in 2013. We provide accounting services for micro and small enterprises, non-profit organisations, foundations and co-operative housing associations. We provide accounting services to those who need completely outsourced accounting and at the same time we assist entrepreneurs who want to do their own accounting. We organize the accounts for previous periods and prepare the annual reports. We consider correctness, compliance with deadlines and broad horizons to be our strengths.

E.L.E. Rikaar OÜ

ET | EN | RU

Eda Lehmann

Tel +372 645 4165
Kunderi 8a, Tallinn

E.L.E. Rikaar has been an accounting service provider for nearly 20 years. If you’re an entrepreneur or self-employed or a representative of a foundation, non-profit organisation you are more than welcome to come talk to our hard-working and educated accountants about your accounting concerns and needs. A more specific introduction to what we do and offer with indicative prices also provided is available on our homepage at www.rikaar.eu. We advise our main clients for free and so far we have found a solution to all the problems our clients have faced. We welcome you to be our reliable and long-term cooperation partner.

FIE Aiki Maivel


Aiki Maivel


I’m a self-employed accountant and financier. I consult self-employed persons and small companies. I have long-term work experience in organizations with budgetary constraints and state accounting. I’m also familiar with topics like agricultural production and project-based accounting.

Finsa OÜ

ET | EN | RU | FR

Piret Kübbar

Finsa OÜ
Finsa Accounting OÜ

Tel +372 502 1195
Lõõtsa 8, Tallinn

Finsa is a new generation accounting firm – our mission is to provide business owners and managers with comprehensive, timely and trustworthy overview of the company’s financial standing. We provide adequate monthly reporting rather than just focus on the year-end closing. Together with the customer we take a broader view – which analytical data is required and how to collect it in most efficient way. With us, accounting and finances is a tool assisting in company growth and based on our experience we can foresee and prepare for tomorrow’s questions.

Accounting Partner OÜ

ET | EN 

Tel +372 512 2259

Accounting Partner OÜ provides every service you would need when it comes to accounting. We’ll help you sort through your existing accounting, set up a new accounting system, compile accounting rules and chart of accounts as well as take care of day to day accounting and file the annual report. Our priority is to provide high-quality service to our clients, so that they could focus on their main business and trust their accounting to our professional team.

Divio Finance OÜ

ET | EN | RU

Tel +372 5656 1550

We give answers to all questions related to the accounting for start-up and already operating companies. We provide an overview of the company’s financial position at every moment in order that the owner has an overview of the numbers from the beginning. In addition, we support the creation of performance metrics, make regular financial reports and, if necessary, offer personnel search services.


ET | EN | FI

Merje Aavasalu

Tel +372 5551 7227

rpteenus.ee consists of financial specialists who have been active in the field for a long time, have experience in many different business areas and extensive financial knowledge. We also provide accounting services with the support of SmartAccounts, as a simple example: we interface the SmartAccounts accounting software with, for example, the CostPocket, the digital robot operator. Expense receipts, purchase invoices, business travel reports, etc. can be transferred either as a photo from the CostPocket app on the mobile phone by each user with a few clicks of a button or send directly by e-mail to the CostPocket Could environment, where these documents can be monitored and corrected, if necessary, before being transferred to smart accounts. Transmission takes place automatically or manually if there is a desire to check the document.

OÜ RevalHansa

ET | EN | RU

Tel +372 627 0760

The goal of RevalHansa is to make your life easier. We take responsibility for your company’s accounting and financial management, and are also of assistance in preparing business plans and support projects. Relying on long-term experience, we offer you flexible and knowledgeable solutions.

Jonson Finance OÜ


Tel +372 504 0743
Keskväljak 6, Keila

For your finances to be in order and for you to be able to focus on your business, you need an expert partner who would take care of everything related to accounting. We can help you with this!

  • We had to choose between many accounting programs and SmartAccounts stood out with its simplicity and user-friendliness.

    LTJ Team OÜ Joosep Sõnajalg
  • SmartAccounts is a really simple to use and user-friendly accounting solution. It’s made our cooperation as a service provider with our clients very convenient. Our clients have 24/7 access to their accounting to input data or compose invoices themselves. Because of that we save time and we can offer our services for a better price.

    Klaar.me Services OÜ Liis Laanesaar
  • SmartAccounts provides quick and professional help from very good specialists and reliable software with innovative updates that save plenty of time. They have the best customer support in the world!

    E.L.E. Rikaar OÜ Eda Lehmann
  • SmartAccounts is always open-minded, accommodating and fast to react to every situation we’ve encountered. So, we can say that we are very pleased with the cooperation with SmartAccounts.

    1Office Ketlin Genergard
  • Good and user-friendly web-based software. The team is super and immediately reacts to all the proposals and questions. Modern approach and continuous development of the team and software.

    FIE Aiki Maivel
  • I have been working with SmartAccounts for many years now and I believe it to be the best value for money when it comes to web based accounting software. Extremely simple and convenient to use, highly innovative and user-friendly.

    Mustonen OÜ Dagmar Mustonen