General Principles for Processing Personal Data


To best serve customers and ensure appropriate fulfilment of contractual obligations, Smart Accounts OÜ shall collect and preserve data on customers and other persons communicating with Smart Accounts OÜ in accordance with the following principles:

  • In its activities, Smart Accounts OÜ shall adhere to the principles for protection of personal data and safekeeping of confidential information.
  • Smart Accounts OÜ shall protect the personal data entrusted to it from any unjustified use. Smart Accounts OÜ shall collect personal data in accordance with the law and in the scope required for ensuring fulfilment of contracts and providing the best service to customers.
  • More detailed principles for processing customer data are provided in the Terms and Conditions of Smart Accounts OÜ.
  • Smart Accounts OÜ shall apply IT and other necessary safety measures for ensuring protection of personal data and for monitoring processing of personal data.
  • Smart Accounts OÜ employees shall be aware of the personal data protection principles and the safekeeping obligation for confidential information, and shall be responsible for any violation of the abovementioned obligations.
  • Smart Accounts OÜ shall not disclose personal data to third parties, unless if so required by law, or corresponding permission is granted by the person whom the data concerns.
  • Within the framework of product and service advertising campaigns, Smart Accounts OÜ may send customers offers from Smart Accounts OÜ, or, more infrequently, offers from other contractual partners. The customer shall have the right to disallow advertising offers at any time by informing Smart Accounts OÜ thereof.
  • Smart Accounts OÜ shall preserve the personal data in their databases, with the person having the right to access his/her personal data at any time, as well as to demand at any time that changes be made to personal data, if the data has changed or is inaccurate for other reasons.
  • Smart Accounts OÜ’s use of correct and accurate data ensures more appropriate and faster service. Personal data may be reviewed and inaccurate data corrected in SmartAccounts software or by contacting Smart Accounts OÜ.
  • If necessary, Smart Accounts OÜ shall collect personal data from other sources besides the person himself/herself in order to make offers. If the personal data has not been obtained from public databases, Smart Accounts OÜ shall demand from the data issuer a guarantee on the lawfulness of the collection of the personal data.
  • Smart Accounts OÜ shall record client orders given via SmartAccounts software or email and, if necessary, shall use these recording for proving and/or reproducing client orders and transactions or for other purposes named in the Terms and Conditions of Smart Accounts OÜ.
  • Smart Accounts OÜ’s categories of recipients of personal data are: hosting service providers, email service providers, e-invoice service providers, postal service providers, software development service providers.

If you have any questions about data processing, please call Smart Accounts OÜ’s information line at 660 3303 or send an email to

SmartAccountsGeneral Principles for Processing Personal Data