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Send e-invoices via Peppol

on 13.05.2022

We are happy to announce that Peppol ID is now supported in SmartAccounts. This makes it possible to send e-invoices and other electronic documents within Europe.


What is Peppol?

Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is an EU standard for exchanging electronic documents across borders. It basically translates local e-invoice data into a format that complies with the EU e-invoice standard. This makes sure that the invoices or documents sent domestically or across borders are standardised and meet the requirements of different legal jurisdictions. 

The main goal of Peppol is to increase the efficiency of e-invoicing, reduce costs and enable the easy transfer of documents in procurement processes across Europe and beyond. 

Foremost Peppol is a way to send invoices to customers in the public sector, but also other business-critical electronic documents to governments, organisations and companies worldwide. Over 500 000 companies have already joined the Peppol network and every month millions of transactions are processed. 

In order to get access and send invoices through the Peppol network, your service provider must be connected to a Peppol Access Point and needs to have a Peppol ID.

Now all SmartAccounts users can add Peppol ID to their customers, allowing them to send e-invoices over the Peppol network to all partners who also have Peppol ID’s.


How does it work?

Activities in Finbite

  1. Activate the Finbite service. The ‘Lite’ package is suitable to use Peppol.
  2. After the service is activated, navigate to ‘Settings’ – ‘Settings’ – ‘Data exchange with ERP’ in the Finbite Invoice Centre. 
  3. Select ‘Access to ERP allowed’ and save. Enter the generated key into SmartAccounts.
  4. Activate sending and receiving Peppol in Finbite.
    • To receive e-invoices via Peppol, open ‘Settings’ ‘Invoice settings’‘Purchase invoice settings’
        • Select ’Accept receiving of Peppol invoices’ and save. 
        • Make sure that you haven’t selected ‘Don’t accept purchase invoices in e-service’ under ‘Settings’ ‘Invoice settings’‘Purchase invoice settings’.
    • To send e-invoices via Peppol open ‘Settings’ ‘Invoice settings’‘Sales invoice settings’, scroll down to ‘Management of sellers’, hover over ‘Actions’ and click ‘Edit’. Activate PEPPOL and save.
  5. There’s no charge for activating the Peppol service and the Estonian e-invoice pricing applies to it as well. 
  6. Sending and receiving e-invoices must be activated in Finbite Invoice Center (make sure that you haven’t selected ‘Don’t accept purchase invoices in e-service’ under ‘Settings’ – ‘Invoice settings’ – ‘Purchase invoice settings’) as well as sending and receiving Peppol.
  7. If you don’t want to accept e-invoices from Estonia, don’t register your company as an e-invoice recipient in e-Business Register. This way only Peppol e-invoices will reach you. NB! It’s still possible to send e-invoices via Finbite Invoice Centre even if your company isn’t registered as an e-invoice recipient in e-Business Register.


Company Peppol ID

Your company’s Peppol ID will be generated after the acceptance of e-invoices has been activated in Finbite Invoice Centre.

The Peppol ID consists of the Estonian country code (0191) and the Business Registry code. So your Peppol ID will look something like this – 0191:11111111.


Activities in SmartAccounts

  1. Open ‘Settings’ ‘Connected services’
  2. Enter the Finbite API key (as long as the Finbite API key is not entered, the field ‘Peppol ID’ in client data cannot be filled out).
  3. Enter the client’s Peppol ID.
  4. Make sure that one of the bank accounts is set as the default e-invoice payment account (open ‘Settings’‘Payments’‘Bank accounts’ and check that ‘Default e-invoice payment account’ is selected).
  5. Send the e-invoice to the client. 


Sending e-invoices

Follow these simple steps to send an e-invoice in SmartAccounts:

  1. Create a sales invoice (Sales & purchasesSales invoices). Save. 
  2. Click “More” – “Send e-invoice”.

Read more about sales invoices


Have any questions?

Our support team will help! Contact us by email info@smartaccounts.eu or by phone 660 3303.


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