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SmartAccounts prices will change from February 1st 2023

on 07.12.2022

SmartAccounts will celebrate its 12th anniversary in 2023. In the past years our software has undergone a great deal of development and significant improvement. We have added hundreds of new features which didn’t exist in the first version. The most noteworthy of them would be:

  • improved salary and time off functionality
  • recurring invoices
  • bank interfaces and integrations with other software
  • improved fixed assets functionality
  • and much more

During our 12 years on the market, we have changed the prices only once, 10 years ago. Unfortunately, the current price level has become unsustainable and we have decided on a correction. This will allow us to increase our development resources and continue offering excellent customer support. We want to continue our efforts to make our software more user-friendly, secure and fulfilled with different amazing features. 

SmartAccounts applies new prices from 01.02.2023

Service Price until 31.01.2023 Price from 01.02.2023
Fixed monthly fee
1 month 19 € + VAT 25 € + VAT
6 months 99 € + VAT 129 € + VAT
12 months 179 € + VAT 229 € + VAT
Usage-based fee
25 entries 5 € + VAT 6.50 € + VAT
100 entries 15 € + VAT 19.50 € + VAT
250 entries 25 € + VAT 32.50 € + VAT


The new prices will come into effect on February 1st 2023. Despite the price change, you have a chance to enjoy Smart Prepaid or Smart Monthly plan for the old price if you purchase entries or pay in advance for a longer period up to January 31st, 2023. The entries are valid for an unlimited time and have no expiration date. You can even purchase access for two years in advance at the current price if you wish. To do this, simply order two consecutive 12-month prepayment invoices. That way you’ll secure yourself the best price for the next two years.

You can see the applicable price for the active company in SmartAccounts on the ´Settings´ – ´Billing´ page.


Price change FAQ

  • When do price changes go into effect? 
    • The price changes will go into effect on February 1st, 2023. 
  • Can I purchase entries for the old price until then? 
    • Until January 31st, 2023 it´s possible to purchase entries for the old price in any desirable quantity. You can use them during an unlimited time. 
  • What happens with entries purchased in advance? 
    • Entries purchased in advance remain in your account even after the price changes and you can use them as needed during an unlimited time.
  • Can I order a prepayment invoice for several consecutive periods for the old price? 
    • Prepayment invoices can be ordered in advane for several consecutive periods. For example, if on 01.01.2023 you order two 12-month prepayment invoices, the advance payment is valid from 01.01.2023-31.12.2023 and 01.01.2024-31.12.2024. After that period, you´ll be charged the regular price.
  • Why are you making these changes?
    • SmartAccounts has not changed it´s prices during the last 10 years and unfortunately, we are not able to maintain our prices at that level any more. The price changes will increase our development and customer support resources and this will allow us to offer even more awesome new features to our clients.


Have any questions or comments?

Contact us by email info@smartaccounts.eu or by phone 660 3303.

Thank you for choosing us!


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SmartAccountsSmartAccounts prices will change from February 1st 2023